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What kind of ID projects is Yongway specialize in?

Our main fortae are Corporate Offices and Banking Institutions. However, Yongway’s track record also demonstrate that we take other ID projects of a diversify nature and complete in great success.

Does Yongway have its own Factory?

Yes, Yongway’s Office and Factory are housed together in Tampines. We have our own production team and pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship on the furniture works.

Why choose Yongway?

Reliability, Quality and On Time Delivery. These are the commitments when Yongway take on your ID projects. Every project, either big or small are supervised and monitored by the Directors of the company. The involvement from the office management thus ensures the project is taken care of from start to finish.

Any other benefits in choosing Yongway?

Yongway extends the “help” services to our clients even after the defects liability periods ceased. We keep good project records of every detail and would be able to assist clients should help required. Such as enquiring a particular material specification or to provide remedy and improvement works due to wear and tear.

Does Yongway do Turnkey / Design and Built projects?

Yes, Yongway can provide this services upon clients request. We will team up with external architect/designer to work on the design portion. Our in-house drafting team will then product all the construction drawings needed to execute the work.